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Audit right of software suppliers

2015-06-18 13:36:49

‘Do I satisfy the compliance requirements of my software contracts?’ As an entrepreneur or manager this can be a question you struggle with regularly. And this question is justified. The complexity of the licenses is after all not always easy to fathom and in addition, the dynamics... (lees meer)

Successfull IT Asset Management conference

2015-02-13 15:44:20

For the second year in a row BestBuyLicenses participated as a partner in the IT Asset Management conference. This years attendance, again, was a great success. Where last year BestBuyLicenses was still in its infancy,  this year we could provide a more mature perspective on the trade... (lees meer)

Recently at StraMentA

2015-02-06 19:28:45

Also at StraMentA the chance for entrepreneurs to buy or sell used software licenses has not gone unnoticed. "Recently, the first marketplace for used software licenses for organisations is launched in the Netherlands. In this marketplace, companies can place their demand or surplus of... (lees meer)

Recently at Appworks

2015-02-06 16:26:48

On February 6th 2015 Appworks devoted an article on secondhand solftware licenses in the Dutch corporate sector. "Within the Dutch corporate sector there is a strong need for secondhand business software. Companies want to sell unused licenses, while other organizations are looking... (lees meer)

Recently at Automatiseringsgids

2015-02-06 15:39:25

Today Automatiseringsgids published ad article on secondhands software licenses. "Companies in the Netherlands seem to have much interest in 2nd hand software licenses, as reported by the founders of the new marketplace for this type of software." To check the complete... (lees meer)

Recently at Emerce

2015-02-05 17:25:15

Today Emerce published an article on BestBuyLicenses. "Early December the first marketplace for used licenses for businesses software was launched in the Netherlands. In this marketplace, companies can publish their demand or surplus of software licenses. The start-up... (lees meer)

Recently at Computable

2015-02-04 16:15:34

On February 4th 2015 Computable wrote the following article about BestBuyLicenses. "The trade in used software licenses thrives on. More and more companies offer unused licenses and organizations that are looking for software opt for second hand software licenses. This is stated by... (lees meer)