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About us




BestBuyLicenses provides a platform for companies to anonymously buy or sell used software licenses in the most economic way. We bring together the knowledge of over 20 years of software procurement and sales in order to achieve best results for its clients.



BestBuyLicenses is a completely independent organization. BestBuyLicenses has no connection or interest with which software vendors and is completely free of investors , banks and financial institutions.


Used license same software

Used licenses entitle you to use exactly the same software as a new license for the same software does. Our marketplace for used licenses creates an alternative buying channel for software from the  monopolistic vendors or its reseller. Used software can be the perfect solution in case of an audit or for temporary and permanent growth. Also, the used market license allows you to redeem your license surpluses (shelfware) .



According to the judgment of the EU Court in Case C - 128/11 UsedSoft GmbH v Oracle International Corp. is the distribution right exhausted after first sale . Meaning that contractual restrictions on transferability of licenses, subject to certain conditions , are void. The buying and selling of used licenses is completely legal.



Your offer and demand of used licenses is anonymously placed on the marketplace BestBuyLicenses . Only in case of a potential match and with the permission of the parties, through the signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA ), the identity of the potential buyer and seller is disclosed to each other .



Purchasing software licenses through the second license market will lead you to the best deal and in many cases is about 75 % cheaper than buying nieuw licenses . Please check the prices on our marketplace and compare it with the price of new licenses.


Partnership with Thornstein Groep

BestBuyLicenses has a partnership with the independant procurement consultancy company Thornstein Groep, this way indepth knowledge to support our clients with compliance audits, negotiations or cost reductions on software contracts is available. For more information we direct you to their website